My story includes nearly forty years of fatherlessness, despite my Dad's presence in my family life. The more I ask about it, the more I'm finding other men who relate. Most men have a sense of that in their lives. I've journaled my unanswered questions and struggles resulting from fatherlessness since I was fifteen. Before that, I would talk to myself. Out loud.

Although, I love this book, I strongly dislike advertising, marketing and the world of, what I refer to as The Tower of Babel 2.x, the idolatrous culture of self-made kings, inside and outside of the Christian faith. So, I pass on opportunities to "help" things go viral.

But this.

This is what my questions have been about, literally, for the twenty years I've been a Christian.

As soon as I heard about the new book from John and Sam Eldredge, Killing Lions, I pulled the trigger, jumped, signed up, drank the cool-aid.

Here's my pitch: save yourself the sorrow of misinterpreting God's intentions and your role in His story. Buy the book.

Dear John & Sam,

I will thank you, repeatedly, for this book. So will my children and the many others who will raise a glass in your honor at the great feast to come.

Your Friend,