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Killing Lions

My story includes nearly forty years of fatherlessness, despite my Dad's presence in my family life. The more I ask about it, the more I'm finding other men who relate. Most men have a sense of that in their lives. I've journaled my unanswered questions and struggles resulting from fatherlessness since I was fifteen. Before that, I would talk to myself. Out loud.

Although, I love this book, I strongly dislike advertising, marketing and the world of, what I refer to as The Tower of Babel 2.x, the idolatrous culture of self-made kings, inside and outside of the Christian faith. So, I pass on opportunities to "help" things go viral.

But this.

This is what my questions have been about, literally, for the twenty years I've been a Christian.

As soon as I heard about the new book from John and Sam Eldredge, Killing Lions, I pulled the trigger, jumped, signed up, drank the cool-aid.

Here's my pitch: save yourself the sorrow of misinterpreting God's intentions and your role in His story. Buy the book.

Dear John & Sam,

I will thank you, repeatedly, for this book. So will my children and the many others who will raise a glass in your honor at the great feast to come.

Your Friend,

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Formerly Orphans

"God is relentlessly determined to erase every suspicion that He is not good."
Lawrence J. Crabb, Jr., PHD, In the forward for Bold Love—Dr. Dan B. Allender & Dr. Tremper Longman III

This photo is a miracle in many, many ways. I'll begin with that and start telling you the stories as I go along. But, for now, I'd like to introduce my Dad, Alexandru Hotea. He's told me stories, matter-of-factly, where he chose bravery in the face of challenges that sound like fiction.

He was orphaned at the age of three. His dad passed away in his early 40's from health complications in Communist Romania. His disabled mom, my grandmother, raised him and two daughters—my uncles, his older brothers, were old enough to be out of the house, one in military service and the other married and working a job.

He recognized the vacancy in his life resulting from fatherlessness. It was a known issue. Something referred to throughout my childhood. But, until recently, I hadn't understood the full implications of it and how it affected my life, my approach and relationship to God as my Father, my way of relating to others in my life.

What we both needed long ago, and what I've come to believe every man needs, was the guidance and "fathering" of a man or men who have lived a life with God as their Father and who could pass on that life-giving "how-to". As I live and breathe, God is answering that longing and prayer through men who know him as Father. John Eldredge and his eldest son, Sam Eldredge have written a book documenting a conversation between father and son that climbs the hard miles of becoming and being a man Fathered by God.

I'm shamelessly promoting it. Shouting it from the rooftops. This is the book that men should read.

Killing Lions, by John & Sam Eldredge

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I Am Writing

Beginnings are sometimes difficult to trace.

In a way, I’ve been writing since before I could write. The function of it rather than the product, at least. I used to talk to myself as a kid. Externalize my thoughts. Interview myself in times of durress, of which there were many.

Tracing the origin of my reason for writing is like trying to explain a dream. Colors are interpreted as sounds or smells. Simultaneous, multi-sensory interpretation. All acceptable and reasonable to the dreamer.

Writing is me. It’s what I’ve done. It’s what I do.

I am writing.